Grade 5


A Perfect Home

A Perfect Home

A perfect Home is love,
A perfect Home is joy,
A perfect Home is safety,
A perfect Home is peace.

Family members gather around,
As they all smile with delight.
We care for each other,
That’s what we do in a home.

Pleasing scents fill the air,
The welcoming sounds of voices float into the ear,
Warm sunshine seeps through the windows,
This is how a home should be.

The footprints of friends,
Memories that roam,
Pictures of pets,
all hide in our homes.

Home is not just a shelter,
It’s where you belong.
Home is undescribable,
It’s where your hopes and dreams come true.

Spread throughout the entire world,
Are many families without a home.
I hope that with this little poem,
A family will be eternally blessed
With the special gift of a home.