Grade 6


A Peaceful Home

A place where I’m not alone.
A place where I was made, and raised.
A place where I have fun, while playing with someone.

A place where I have thrived and where I have survived.
A place where I have a bed where I can lay and use my phone to play.
I can even spend time with my family and it feels like an anomaly.
I never wanna leave my home but sometimes i need to roam.

I can play with my dog and go for a jog.
I can also speak with my friends and it feels like it never ends.
Somewhere where I can enjoy my food and be in a good mood.
When I am at home I play video games as my escape from reality and it feels like an eternity.

Home is my place where I create good memories and bad memories.
Home is a place for me to play around with my siblings and play virtually with my friends.
Home is a place where I can be with my family and I can be free and enjoy my life.