Grade 6

Portugal Cove - St. Philip's
Newfoundland and Labrador

A Peaceful Chaos

A home is a safe place with a roof over my head. It’s where there are warm, fuzzy blankets. Home is where I can have fun with my family and friends and I know that I will always get help from them and they will support me no matter what.

Home is where I can throw myself onto a soft, squishy couch. Home is like a protective bubble allowing you to forget about problems in the outside world.

Home is in my room, where I can read all I want, and fold origami paper until my hands cramp. Here I can listen to my favourite music and let the melody filter all the worries from my brain. My room may be messy, but it’s a peaceful chaos where everything is so familiar.

Just because you have a house, doesn’t mean you have a home. Home is my cuddly cats. Home is where I can enjoy a hot, delicious meal. In my home, I can be who I want to be.

The number of people that don’t have a home or don’t have a safe home is too much. And it makes me feel bad knowing I have such a good environment to live in, while others have to worry if they’ll have enough money to feed their family. I always try to remember how lucky I am to have such an amazing life.

Just because you have a house, doesn’t mean you have a home.