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A New Home

A year ago I moved to a new home. I lived in an apartment for 3 years.
The house we got from a woman. Her husband died a year before. She tried to sell the house but she declined the offers she got. My Dad and I both liked the house. The backyard was huge! But my Mom said the house was tiny. In reality, it was huge. We made an offer on the house. AND WE GOT IT!!! We were so excited to move into a new house.
After, I thought about the apartment we lived in it for 3 years before that. I have so many memories from it. Once I was walking and dropped a pizza. He said I could get another one for free because I dropped the other one. When he gave us the new pizza, we gave him a tip that was the same price as the pizza and still, to this day, when he makes me a pizza I give him a tip.
Once my Dad and I were decorating for mother’s day and we got these stickers at walmart. We put them on the wall, and when my Mom came back we celebrated. The next day we started to take it off and the stickers painted the wall red we laughed so hard. We left the stickers on and never took them off.
When we started to pack up I remember me taking the stickers of slowly and water dripping in my eye with all the memories that was in that apartment. Then one last goodbye and the apartment slowly drifted out of sight.