Grade 6

Indian Head

A New Home

I am on the cold floor on the cement, its like my body is ice, I was freezing with no jackets or blankets. I wish I had somewhere warm to stay, next to a fireplace drinking hot chocolate with cookies. I wish I had food to eat and something to drink, my throat is dry. I wish I had a job to pay for a house, so I do not have to stay out in the cold anymore, But I am too young , I am only 11 years old. I wish I had family and friends to play and hangout with, so I can have fun like other people. I wish people could see and feel how I feel. I wish I had a family and friends, but I don’t, everyone is gone… I go to bed because I’m so tired. When I wake up, everyone is surrounding me saying to pack up my things because I got a house from Habitat for Humanity. They saw how cold and lonely, I was. I am so grateful I am crying tears of joy. I will finally have a warm place to stay. When they asked if I was ok, I could not say anything. I was more than ok, I was amazed, I was happy, I was crying, but most of all I was so grateful, I gave everyone a huge hug to thank everyone who built this for me.