Grade 6


A new Home

It was 5:00 p.m. when they arrived at Toronto. The airport was bustling with people. Out of the plane walked Sebastian, his mother, and sister martha. It was the end of the eight-hour flight from africa. They were looking for someone to take them to the refugee shelter. The time spent looking seemed like hours to Sebastian. As they were looking he thought about his country. He remembered the shelter he slept in, which was little more than a tarp hanging from a fence and two supports. Although he had a shelter, sebastian never had a home. He has no fond memories of it, and he was always hungry and thirsty. His dad recently died of a sickness, making them sell everything to go to Toronto.
Finally they saw a woman holding a sign saying: REFUGEE SHELTER. When Sebastian and his family got there, about fifty immigrants were there.
At last, four employees took everyone outside, the others waiting for more immigrants. Sebastian gripped his mother’s hand. The world seemed bigger than ever. There was a bus waiting for the people. The bus was crammed. When they got off, the bus went back to the airport.
The employees lead everyone into a room full of tables. Everyone found a seat. Around 6:00 p.m. a man came in pushing a trolley with stacked bowls and plates. The employees make shure everyone had a plate and bowl. Then, someone came in with a large pot of soup, and another carrying a tray of bread. Everyone got both. While he was eating, Sebastian thought about how he will adapt to this life, and what new cultures he will learn. Maybye, he will here, what a home is.