Grade 6


A New Home

“Papa!” Mila screamed. “Papa, come back, don’t leave us now.” She whispered. Mila looked at the heart rate, it was a straight line. A nurse came and took Mila out of the hospital room. “Is Papa alright!” Leila (Mila’s seven year old sister) asked eagerly. Mila looked down at the floor, and her mother fell back into her chair. Her older brother Michealo came and comforted Mother. They took their stuff and left to their bombed up house.

Before Papa got sick with cancer everything was normal for Mila. She went to Ms. Hasan’s fifth grade class, did homework, and played with friends. After Papa got sick bad things started to happen. ISIS came and took her other older brother Ilan, and her older sister Hanna as slaves. Next time Isis comes to get Mila or Michealo, Papa built a secret room underground (before he died) to hide in. But it wouldn’t matter, Mother told Mila and Michealo that they would not be staying in Syria. Mother told Mila and Michealo that there was a place called Canada where they would be free. The next night they left on foot to Canada.

If you’re wondering what happened to Mila when she got to Canada I’ll tell you. When she got to Canada Habitat for Humanity helped her family get a house, and her mother find a job. Now Mila’s family owns their own house, and all the kids go to school in Winnipeg. And just like her brother said she has made many new friends. Someday Mila hopes they will be able to bring her big brother and sister back, they deserve a home too.

“There’s no place like home. And I do miss my home.”
-Malala Yousaf