Grade 5


A Much Deeper Meaning

A Much Deeper Meaning

Home is such a powerful word. It truly is a four letter word, with a much deeper meaning. People usually get confused with the concept between a house and a home, but really it’s pretty simple. The house is simply the exterior or structure of the home. The exterior of my house is grey brick with black doors and trim and black shingles on the roof. There is a double car garage and a small front porch. This structure keeps you warm from the cold, dry from the rain and also safe. The home is the experiences, the feelings, and the traditions that happen inside of the house. This is what makes a home special.

Every home has their own experiences and also their own traits. A home is where you take your first steps say your first words, and experience your ‘first’ and many feelings. It’s the things that happen inside a house that creates a home. The feelings of laughter, love, joy, and generosity are some of the positive feelings in a home. It is also important to know that a home can go through negative feelings, such as sadness, frustration and sorrow. When a home has these negative feelings or disagreements the family needs to work together to challenge their thinking to make the home happy again.

A home is somewhere you can express how you’re feeling to the people you trust, such as your family and friends. No matter what you say to others or yourself, know that you still have your home. A place where you feel safe to act and express yourself is also part of a home. Expressing yourself and what you have a passion for can be found in a home. Expressing yourself through artwork, wall colours and furniture is what makes your home unique. Having the confidence to show this passion in your home, lets your true colours shine. When a person walks into their home, they feel comfortable and free. They feel surrounded with memories of the past and new beginnings of the future.

Home is also a form of development. Everyone grows in the home together and also by themselves. There is six people living inside my home. Each has their own dreams and regrets, but together we share a home. My Mom and Dad share opportunities and options, they also protect us and the memories that grow inside our home. My two younger sisters help create the memories of our home. My Avo (Grandma) adds to the traditions both from the past and present. These traditions both old and new spread throughout our home. Holidays, Birthdays and special events are times when traditions are shared. Home is a place where loving people spread good news with one another.

A home is so special because if you really think about it, it’s a generation after generation circle. When a family moves into a house, they create memories. When that family moves out and a new family moves in, the memories are still there from the past and new memories are created. Sometimes, the new family can even tell that the home has been loved very well. All the memories will be kept safe and will always be carried within the home, family after family.

Home, it’s a four letter word with a much deeper meaning.