Grade 4


A Magical Place

I walk into my house and what do I see?
That’s probably the question you’re asking me.
A home is a place filled with memories, beauty and joy
It’s not about the furniture, location, shape or toys.

At home you can laugh and play.
Or perhaps you just need an alone day.
A home means so much you can’t explain it in words.
It’s like a gift from the lords.

When you sleep at home you’re as snug as a bug in a rug.
At home you can give out presents, kisses or hugs.
At home you can share and care.
You can be a brave knight, daring explorer or overcome fears.

A home is a place you will always have.
Poor, rich, good or bad.
Home will always be at your heart.
It’s where you get back up after you fall apart.

The home I love is the home I live in.
Home is as gentle as someone singing.
A home is a place where you can take a chance.
You can share home with you cousins, uncles or aunts.

At home you can learn from mistakes.
You can be happy as a dog with two tails or you can cry lakes.
Everyone deserves a home like me.
A place to wonder, a place to be.

You might not know it yet
But a home is a place of
endless magic and possibilities.