Grade 4


A Magical, Cozy Place

Home is where I hope all my hopes
Home is the place where I dream all my dreams
Home is a place for me to express my love and joy
Home is a place that is special to me

My home is a magical place
It’s a place to relax with my family
The fireplace keeps me warm everyday
And it keeps me safe in every way

My home is full of happiness and love
It keeps me dry, from the storm above
It’s a place, for me to learn and grow
My family’s joy makes my home feel alive

My home is bright with memories from the past
It gives me all the freedom I need to be strong
It’s always welcoming, it’s calm and cozy
And it’s filled with fun and nature everywhere

Wherever I go, I take a piece of home with me
A home is a place that fills us with hope
A home is a place with endless opportunities
Everybody deserves a home that’s filled with joy!