Grade 6


A Loving Home

My loving home is a very safe place,
Where I can have a lot of space.
My loving home is a place where you can’t replace.
Either way it’s full of grace.

My one loving home is full of care and joy.
Where you cannot destroy.
At home where I can play with a lot of toys,
Toys that I always enjoy.

A loving home is a place where I stay,
That my family cares about me in every way.
Here in my house where I am today,
A place where I am always every day.

A loving home where I have grown,
With my family and I never think I will be alone.

Spending with your family can be really fun.
Where you’re outside or inside you can see the bright yellow sun,
With your family you can always take a quick run,
Where you can always take more than one.

With my family I can always try something new,
Where it takes some time and always has to review.
Hear you can also do it too.
Talking about my house is very important and true.

Here I am talking about my loving home,
Where my family and I love and own.