Grade 6

British Columbia

A Loving Home

There is a difference between a house and a home. And I have been given the
privilege to enter this contest with my fellow classmates. Four useless letters form
one strong word that gives hope to many.
These three sentences make me wonder if I could continue writing without deleting this document. But thinking about it more, I get hope, and I hope future students will get inspired to write and save the hearts of many people. A house is something to me but a home IS me. Many people have not experienced the love and joy my friends and I have. The memories I have made the person writing this who she is. I am who I am, and home is what makes me me.
You may say that a home is the same thing as a house. But let me say one thing right now: Home is the other part of me. A home isn’t a bunch of walls pasted together. It’s a place where memories grow, and we grow with it! I want people to read this essay and help by sending donations to the people in need!
I want children like me to feel the loving care that I felt, and grow happily IN A HOME. So PLEASE!
Help, even by a pinch.
Thank you for your time.