Grade 6


A Lovable Home

Home can mean many things, but to me it is the feeling you get when you are at a place that feels safe to stay. Forever you are there. A place of love, hope, and dreams. Where love surrounds the air. A place that has a ton of love and a little teasing, after all what is home with no teasing. We are not perfect, but we are accepted at home.

Those who are unfortunate aren’t homeless. Their home is the love in the family. The air is warm with the people that we love. Some may live in boxes, benches, streets, or an alley. It’s the feeling that gives a place the title home, without feelings, it’s just a box, house, or street. People give a place the homey feeling. Home is not the place you live it’s the feeling you get when you are there.

Home is one of the most wonderful places to be. To live freely and lively. Teasing, scraping your elbow, the people in it, acceptance, and of course what is a home with no love. Cruelty free, free to be yourself, and express your feelings. Run in the grass barefoot, bake treats, and run with the animals. Home is a place to be adventurous and do the unthinkable. It’s a free world to live safely.

A safe place to live is a great place to live. Live free with no limits, be you and be a little loose.