Grade 5


A Loud Home

To me, home means a loud place. It is loud because of my sister, my dad and my mom, and because of loud noises outside.

The first reason why my home is loud is because of my sister. Everyday my sister wakes me up and when she wakes me up she comes and annoys me. When she annoys me she comes in my room and screams for fun and she also laughs a lot because I was also the first one to make her laugh.When I got out of bed I chased her and she ran to my moms bed. My mom picked her up and when she did my sister laughed so hard she coughed.

The second reason why my home is a loud home is because of my parents. When I am at home I sometimes hear my parents fighting but I don’t know why probably parent problems. When my dad is on the phone it is so funny because he talks loud because he got mad at some work stuff and when he is on the phone he walks from one side of the wall to the other with his arms crossed its so funny my mom also does the same.

The third reason why my home is a loud home is because of construction. Most of the time outside I hear construction because they have to fix the building that I live in also because the building is very old. That is mostly how I wake up when I’m in my beauty sleep I get woken up by construction! Trust me if you were me it would be so annoying.

In conclusion, my home is a loud house because my family is loud but I don’t think they do it on purpose.