Grade 5


A little bit about my home

A little bit about my home

As I turn into the neighbourhood, and go around the bends,
I look at all the houses and see many friends.

My neighbourhood feels safe, there is a park that I like,
During the summer, I get around on my bike.

As I pull into the driveway, I see my house that is grey,
The front entrance is welcoming and inviting to stay.

The smell, the colours are a cozy atmosphere,
I feel safe and comfy just being here.

My family is loving, busy and loud.
If there were any more of us, it would be a crowd.

My room is purple, my favorite colour,
It’s filled with Cheer stuff and looks like no other.

When I look through my big windows I see,
A view of Blue Mountain as nice as can be.

At night when I’m tired, I crawl into my bed,
It’s soft and warm as I rest my head.

As I fall asleep, I’m grateful for my home,
A place to go where I don’t feel alone.

My house is perfect as you can see,
because of my fabulous family.