Grade 5


A House vs a Home

A house is where you live. You might look cool living in it because it is big and the best house in the neighbourhood, but in that house there are only 3 ingredients you need. Your home needs love to feel secure, family and peace. But when you live in a house deep inside you just care about how big it is you don’t realize it is not a home. A home is where you live. It might be the smallest home on the block but to you it is yours. It has everything you need, love, you feel cozy in it and it has family. A home and a house are two different things. A home means everything to me! My home might be the smallest home on the street but it is mine and l love my home. One by one we come together to build someone’ a ‘’HOME’’. We want to build a home that is cozy, safe and most of all filled with love. We want to build a home where you can feel safe to raise a family. And always remember if you feel cool in your house it means nothing but if your home feels love and it feels like your home it is a true true home to you.