Grade 4

Fort Saskatchewan

a house means…

A house means I have somewhere to live and have a shelter. I am very grateful to have a house. Some people don’t even have that. We can be as loud as we want at our house. We live our house with dignity and respect.There are not many restrictions at my own house and I can invite my friends over and have fun. I have my own room and my own space with privacy. I count my blessings. It is amazing to have so many facilities. Many people don’t have these facilities. you should never be ungrateful. Me and my brothers are very thankful to have a house. I can’t tell you how thankful my whole family is to have a house. I like to decorate my room with mirrors and artwork. I love reading my books. My whole family plays board games on the weekend. I love playing minecraft and roblox with my friend’s, also playing in my backyard with my younger brother. At night I like to stargaze. Through my window it helps me fall asleep. A lot of my memories are in this house. I love watching movies with my family. I wish everyone have their own house. It’s a blessing by Allah and I am thankful to Allah for having such a wonderful and beautiful house.