Grade 6


A HOUSE is the shell of a HOME

My home is a big building. My memories are the support beams holding it from falling apart. The roof is all the love everyone shares with one another – it’s very big and heavy. The walls are the emotions we have experienced as a family. The floor is love that my mom gives me when I’m sad because it keeps me up. My sisters are the stairs that help me get back up when I’m down. My brothers are windows, always helping me see the light in things. My Grandparents are like old books, they tell the stories of my family. My Step Dad is the curtains, he helps shield me from the badness of the world. my home is a place where people love me.

A house has four walls covered in paint to cover the memories left by the people who used to live there. A house is not a home. A home is with the people you love no matter where you are: in a car or a tent. It’s still a home as long as I’m with my family.