Grade 6


A House Is Not A Home

I walk through the trees. The beaten path I travel every day. My feet dodging every stump, rock and hole in my way without thinking. I walk up the familiar stairs to the door. I grab the knob, recognizing all the grooves and scratches in the smooth metal. I turn the handle and walk in, feeling how warm and cozy it is. I drop my backpack on the floor where I always do. I grab a snack, and say “Hi” to Mom as I pass by. I’m in a house. But not just a house, my house. My home.
A house is not a home. A house is a building with walls and a roof. A home is a place where you have a family who loves you. It is a safe place to rest. It’s where you make memories. It’s where you laugh and cry. I have a home.
Some people don’t have a warm, cozy, safe home. They don’t have a safe place to stay. That is why Habitat for Humanity is on a mission. They’re goal is to make sure everyone has a safe and affordable home. By donating to Habitat for Humanity, you can help give someone less fortunate than yourself something you have. A home.