Grade 5

Porters Lake
Nova Scotia

A House is not a Home

A House Is Not A Home

A home is a place to stay, a place to feel safe and be safe. Home is a place to be loved and to give love, not only to your loved ones, but to everyone. If you give love, people will feel appreciated and so will you.

A home is a place to play, and a place to burst out with laughter, a home is a place to get sick and feel better. Home is a place to spend time with your family. My home is a place where I can let my imagination explode in creativity, and I’m sure you can too .

A house is not a home, at a home you feel safe and secure but at a house you never know what’s gonna happen, I think if we give the homeless somewhere to live, it should be a home and not a house. So if you give them a home make sure they feel safe, and most important of all, make sure they think it’s their home.