Grade 5


A house is just a house, but we make it a home!

To some, a home is about how big it is, how expensive it is or even where it is. To me a house begins with the structure. A strong structure to protect me, my family, our pets, our belongings and all of our memories. So the structure is an important part of the recipe of what makes up a home to me.

For my house to feel like a home it has to have my family inside. The people closest to me like my Mom especially. Right now my Aunt and my Cousin share a home with me and my Mom. I also love that having a home means my other family members can visit like my Granny and Grandpa. My pets are also part of our family, we call them our fur babies.

My home is my oasis. This is where I make great memories. Going to sleep is always best in my home, because I have everything set up the way I like it. My room is my favorite room in my home. I have the most amazing cute princess like set up. Everything I need to be creative is in my room, like my slime supplies and my art set. I also have an electric keyboard to play music. Sometimes I like to watch TV or play games online with my friends in my room too.

Finally, a home isn’t about how big your house is or how expensive it is. A home is a place that you feel protected and secure. That one place that feels like no other! While I love travelling and exploring, my home is always my favorite place to be. Because no other place on earth has the same feelings, memories and most importantly the love and company of my Family.