Grade 4


A house is a home with a family who loves it

Home is a place of love and peace. Home is where you believe in yourself and can be your true self. A place where you are accepted for you.

Home is where family is born and loved. A home is where life happens. It’s where I learned to walk and where my memories are made with the people I love.

A home wraps it’s arms around you and keeps you safe and warm. It’s walls hear your laughs and your cries and gives you a floor to land on when you fall.

Your home is as comfortable as your favourite pair of jogging pants. When you are in your home you feel warm and fuzzy.

You can make your home whatever you want it to be. Your home can be a princess castle or a space ship. It is your safe zone and when you are unhappy you can go home and feel better.

A house grows into a home with a family who loves it. And because of charities like Habitat for Humanity, a home is never out of reach.