Grade 6

Prince Edward Island

A house is a home

Home,a place to love

Home is where your family is, my home is more than just a roof and four walls we are the ones that hold our house together. At home my family is always there to support me in everything. They support me in sports, school and even if I’m trying something new. They will always be there.
My house is safe, Ican run around outside with my brothers and my friends, I can hop on my bike and go to the park and I can walk my dog at the dog park.
Inside my house is warm, When I come down the stairs for breakfast I can sit down by the fireplace all snuggled up in a cozy little blanket on the couch. When I get back from school I can grab a snack freshly baked from the oven. And for dinner I have healthy delicious food.
A house is a house, but home is where your family is, where you want to be and where you love to be.