Grade 6


A House Can be Different from a Home

My house is not my home. For some people your home is your house and your house is your home. For others, like me, your house is just a building you live in. Let me explain.
I am a military kid. My dad has been in the Army since before I was born. I’ve moved four times and my parents have moved even more! Each house we have owned is little different. The only similarities are the things we own and our family. These items and the places we connect with in our community are the things that make a house a home. My home is where I live, but only temporarily. When I move that place is no longer my home. I know that I will find a new home wherever I move.
For some people, like my mother, your house is your home because it is the only place you have ever lived. You know every inch of the house and yard. You know all the neighbours and you’re a part of the community. My mother grew up in the same house in Newfoundland. All of her aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents lived in the same city as her. She could visit them anytime she wanted. It was her home. Everything changed when she married into the Army. It was a new way of thinking, but she soon began to adjust and to redefine what home meant to her.
A house can be a home, it just depends on the person. For my mom, that house in Newfoundland will always be home in some ways. For me, its not. Mom, Dad, my sister, our giant dog and my favourite bear are home, no matter where we rest our head.