Grade 5

British Columbia

A House Can Be A Home

A House Can Be A Home

I open the door to my home. I walk down the hallway and I see my mom and dad smiling down on me. When I’m in my home I know that if I fall down my family will be there to pick me up again. I know that if I’m scared at night I’m safe by the warm fire. When day comes I know that if I come downstairs my family will be there waiting for me.

But what if my family wasn’t there? What if when I come home from school there is no door to open? What if when I’m scared at night there was no fire to snuggle up by? What if I wake up every morning only to find that no one is there? That’s how it is for too many people.

No one should have to deal with waking up and no one being there. Or coming home and no door being there to open. No one should be scared at night and not have a fire to snuggle up by. Nobody should fall down but not have a place to recover. No one should be alone.

Some houses are huge with winding halls. Some houses are small with only one room. All in all it doesn’t matter what your house is but that your house is adequate. Everyone’s house should be warm.

My house is warm, safe, and comfortable. But just because a house is safe, warm, and comfortable doesn’t make it a home. A home is a home when there is a heart inside it. Everyone should have a home like mine.