Grade 5

St. Thomas

A House And A Home

There are a lot of meanings for the word ‘home’. One thing I’ve learned about home is that it is my safe place. That, not everybody has this safe place. My favourite place in my home is my room. With my bed and desk, I feel safe. That’s a good word to describe my home. Safe. I feel like I can say or do anything in my home. My home makes me feel comfortable.[With my mom and my Dad.] A home does not have to be a house. A house has walls and a roof,but a home is a place where I can tell the truth. Home is where my friends and family are. My home is the best home ever. When I turn the corner and see my home I always smile, and think of all the people who are not as lucky as me. I’m glad that I have a safe welcoming home to come back to. This is what makes my house a home.