Grade 5


A house and a home.

A house is a type of structure, a building or apartment. A house is strong with tons of tangible things. A house may have a few non-tangible things, however it doesn’t always have non-tangible things. A house is not always a place you love or even like, it is a living arrangement and you use it to stay out of bad weather and keep your things. A house can be an amazing or terrible thing.

A home is what we are here to talk about. A home can be anything: a house, your work, a park, a field or so many other things. A home is a place to make good memories in or have good memories of. In a home you have family and friends. You don’t have to live in your home. You can even spend time with people you do not know and get to know them in your home. You can have more than one home. A home can be incredible!

A house is where you live but a home is a place you love or really like. A home is where you could hang out with friends and family, but, you can do that at a house too. A house is filled with things like food, books, furniture and other tangible things (and possibly a few non-tangible things), a home is filled with fun, laughter, excitement and so many more non-tangible (and possibly some tangible) things. A house is not always going to be a place you like, but, a place would not be your home if you did not like it. A house and a home are different, but a house can also be your home.