Grade 5


A House And A Home

Some people may think that these are equivalent
But if you look closer you’ll see that they’re different

A house is a structure, the shell, or the form
A home is a place where families are born.

A house has a foundation so essential and strong
But most importantly, supports a place to belong

A home has a foundation made by families as well
Filled with happiness and other feelings that make you feel swell

Every family in our world does deserve
To have a place for memories to preserve

A house is a container that allows us to just be
Either small or big does not matter to me

Everyone should have a place to call home
To ensure that no family ever feels alone

It should have some feelings and family and space
So in this world they feel like they have a place

Every family deserves a shelter
To protect them from hail, snow and other bad weather

So it makes me proud when I see
Fellow Canadians making safe homes for people to be
And that is so very important to me