Grade 6


A House A Home and A Family

A House A Home and A Family
Living in my home is everything it’s supposed to
be, because it has everything I need. With my
kitty, sitting by the fireplace and a good book in
hand, I am ready for an afternoon of peace and
quiet serenity.
But what’s this? Is it someone calling or just a
creak in the old boards? It is a call and it’s from
my family. They want me to come out to skate
about the rink. I go out because I know in my
heart that they will be there for me, when I slip
and fall and bruise my knee they will be there to
help me. Now let’s remember the meaning of
home isn’t about the house; it’s about the family.
They are there to hug and help, to comfort and
love, because they’re my family