Grade 5


A home,what is that?

A home can mean many different things based on who you are. For some, it’s just an everyday thing, for others it’s a fantasy never to come true and for some, it’s just as simple as a cardboard box or maybe just a blanket. But for me, it’s a gift, it’s a shield that protects us when the world is feeling down. It’s a place where families reunite and where they build lifelong memories. We all need a home. Whether it is to show who we are or to live every day of our lives with happiness and joy. A home is very different from a house, a house means having a roof over your head but a home while it still provides shelter it’s different because a home is full of love and memories which expands to happiness and joy. Nobody deserves to live every day with the fear that they will never find a place called home. Nobody deserves to freeze at night in these crazy storms. A home saves us from freezing at night and from these crazy storms we ourselves cannot fight. A home is a basic necessity and it does so many things we can’t ourselves do alone. Let’s imagine that we are all brothers and sisters and what do brothers and sisters do they push each other up.