Grade 5

British Columbia

A Home’s Purpose

A home isn’t just 4 walls and a roof, it’s a safe place to live and have memories. A home’s purpose is when I open the door and see what’s inside there’s so much more than I thought was inside. I run up the stairs and look out the window and see a beautiful sight that’s when you know that this house is just right. I run to the rooms and see what’s inside, there’s nothing but soon it will be filled with mine. This will comfort you through the night, in the morning it’ll be warm with a delight. I walk down the stairs and smell pancakes in the pan that is when I know this will be a great plan. I take my dog for a walk and see all the houses but none of them are just like mine, mine is filled with unique things when the others are all the same.That makes me happy when mine is different and filled with happiness and joy. When we watch tv on the couch we all feel so happy that we’re all together and making memories.Then we have game night and all of us laugh that brings joy to my heart. All of the pets and people in this house makes it so much better. When I go to sleep for the very first time in my new house, I’m excited that this house is going to be mine and my family. It’s fun having memories in this house. It’s full of all of the things that I love. Everything looks great especially the view, Also that I can’t believe. I can’t wait for everyone to get settled in.
Endless fun

Making things
Eating new things
All together
Sharing things