Grade 5


A Home

I think a home is a place of protection and happiness but also having walls around yourself and having a roof over your head, even if it is made out of wood and fur like the first nations people did.

I would also call a home, a place of memories or almost a time travel device . My reasoning behind why I think a home can make you feel like a time traveller is because, if someone buys a home, and before they die they leave some (or even all) of their belongings in that house, then they give the house to their children, then they give the house to theirs, and so on and so forth. All those generations, even though they are no longer alive, could be 500 years old in spirit, you have them right in your house, you have their essence. I am a person who very much believes in spiritual things so that is why I think that a home can make you feel like a time traveller.

I believe that the word ‘home’ could mean many things, from a roof and walls, to a time travel machine. And that it could even mean a place of joy and happiness, and that no matter what it’s made of, you have it. If you don’t have a home well, that’s the exact reason I am writing this essay, it’s to try to win $30,000 for every single one of you in this organization!

That is what the word ‘home’ means to me. If you are still reading this, god bless you, your family, and everyone around you.