Grade 6

British Columbia

A Home vs. A House

A home is more than a bed and a roof over your head. For me, home is that somewhere over the rainbow. Home is where everyone can get together. Most people think it’s for a relaxing movie or a competitive board game. It’s fun to have that sometimes. But the main idea of a home is the feeling and the people you share it with.

If you don’t care for the people in the house, if your cold and you don’t feel safe, you might not get that home feeling. Then to you, it might not be home, maybe it’s just a house, a bed and a roof over your head.

To me, a home needs to acquire people you love and people you can share a good laugh with. When it’s dark and cold outside you can come to your home and warm up. If you’re anxious, afraid, or you feel alone that feeling will disappear when you enter your home. With a house that might not happen.

In conclusion, home is very important to everyone and in my opinion that home feeling is what hits the ball into the outfield to get that “home” run.