Grade 4


A Home V.S A Home

A House V.S A Home

Without a doubt a house and a home are really two different things! A house is something that has walls,a roof,and a door.It can be sturdy and strong. It can be tall,short,skinny or wide.You can paint it and put colour on it.A house is a place you are safe when there’s a storm.It might look nice or messy.A house has rooms and closets.It has a kitchen and a table but it will never be as magical as a home.A home tells your personality.In the word home it has me in it because a home is a place you can call your own.This is a place you can make memories out of.For example the first time you walked or the first time you broke your bone.A home is a great place to be yourself and not care about what others think of you.It’s were you care about your loved It is a place you can invite your friends over.A home is a place you can brainstorm.It’s a place that keeps important to you safe.Indeed there is nothing better than a beloved,amazing home.