Grade 5


a home to me

My home. Its’s where I belong. Without a home, my life will be defeated by sadness. No matter what comes in my way, mu home will give me strength and power. No place could be better than home. With a home, your life will spring with happiness and sunshine. A place to overcome all your fears. No matter how dark it is, with a home you find light. A home to me could be a place. A very special place. A place to make all your dreams come true. A place for your joy to bundle. A home. Better than any gift possible. A place where your family could reunite. No matter how far you are your home will give you love. You will never be alone. Your home will be there in the bottom of your heart. The perfect place to be. A home. A home to me? A home to me is a magical place to be. At home, is the place where I feel loved.