Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

A Home To Me

A Home to Me

A Home is quite a special thing, that I am thankful for.
I have a lot of memories inside of that door.
We talk and laugh and sometimes cry but that’s alright you see,
because a family is always buzzing, just like busy bees.

A home is what I look to, when I have fallen down,
And most of all my home isn’t just a noun.
I want to go up in my bed when I am feeling sick,
I rest there in my home, so that sickness doesn’t stick.

When it’s cold or raining, my home is where I go,
I throw my coat and boots off and go and watch a show.
Some people can’t do that, for they have no home,
But if we work together, they can call a house their own.

A home is not just a shelter, that has 4 walls,
A home is somewhere you can fall, and get back up again.
A home is where family gathers when the day is almost done,
And when the morning sun wakes you, you know it’s time for fun.