Grade 4


A Home to Me

My home keeps me warm
In the coldest winter
And in the soggiest rain.
It loves me as much as my parents.
When I’m away from home
The puddles soak my boots.
The rains laughter soaks my
Jacket in cold hate.
I feel like nowhere is safe.
I wish I was home my home.
My home is made from love
I will have no home if my
Love disappears from my heart.
My home keeps me clean
After the wettest puddle.
My home gives me love
And hope when mom and
Dad are away.
The soft fur floor
Warms my feet.
The dry wooden walls
Keeps the rain away.
The biggest bed in the world
Has the biggest heart in the world.
The ten rooms all are different
Like ten superpowers.
And the sweet smell of the
Pie being baked it fills me
With delight.
The sweet smell of pie takes
All my fears and make
Them sweet.
The rain Doesn’t
Come and bothers me anymore,
Home gives me light
Even in the darkest night.
Anything that is not a home
Means nothing to love
Because love has the power
To create a home.
A home to me is a home
For everyone.