Grade 5


A home to me

My home is the place I live, eat, sleep, work etc… I have come to learn that everything in this world is connected, like a spider’s web, and everybody has a different perspective. But the only thing that every person has in common is a peaceful, yet exciting home. I have a home that has everything I want in it – from a bed to my clothes, and most importantly it has my family.

I wear my clothes, I sleep on my bed, and I eat my food. If I do all of this with my family everything will be better, like a clean society. I want my home to feel like this. Just like lights on a house, because without a family there would be darkness.

This is the connection in my home – being able to laugh, smile, cry, and get angry. These are what I know to believe is a home. Everyone has their different explanations of what a home is, to me it’s the connection. The only thing that we all know that is in every home is family. My home is wherever my family is, this is the meaning of a home to me.