Grade 4


A Home To Me

My home is a place I like to rest in. It’s a place I have fun in, and it’s a place I like to live in. I also live with siblings, my mom and dad. People without homes have some difficulties like making trash bag houses. They don’t have much money or food. I feel bad for them. My home is a place where I can eat sleep and talk with my family. A home has storage, tables, beds, toys,
food and many other things.

Having things in houses is very important, because if you didn’t have a home you wouldn’t have beds, tables and lots of other kinds of storage. People who are homeless deserve to have a home and try to build their own home out of garbage bags but that doesn’t always work.

I will give at least ten dollars to the homeless and I will help them because they deserve a home. Most don’t survive without one, they usually die of hunger or freeze.