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Portage la Prairie

A Home to Me

A Home to Me

A home to me is a place you grow up in. Home is a place to feel safe. A place to make memories. Home is a shetter.

A home is not just a building it could be a feeling inside! A home is with the people you love. It’s not only a place where you live, but it’s wherever you go with your family.
A home can be big or small. Home is a place to have fun! A home is a place to love!

Home is a place where emotions are made. Like being sad, or mad. Or happy and angry. Emotions can be love and hate. Emotions can make you feel safe or they can make you feel stressed. Emotions are a part of home!

Home can mean a lot of different things like emotions, memories, and shelter to hide you from the rain. A place for love and family.