Grade 5


A Home To Me

A home is something special,and more than just a house,
Love, laughter, and comfort is mostly what its about.
We laugh at those same dad jokes,that dad says every day
And listen to those same old lectures mom likes to say.
We eat those delicious meals mom makes,
Like perogies,mashed potatoes and cakes.
You might have a pet living with you
Like a hamster,a cat or a dog too.
But a home isn’t all happy and joyful as can be,
You may fight and cry but at the end of the day you will always be family.
You have to learn to love and respect each other,
And feel safe with one another.
Living in a home should be something special to you,
You have a bed,a shelter and food too.
Many people don’t get that kind of stuff,
And that can be very tuff.
We are lucky to be someone,
In this world that are loved a ton.
The friends that are very close to you,
Can be considered
as family too.