Grade 4


A Home to Me

A home is a place where you are safe, and you get food, shelter, water and clean clothes to wear every day. A home isn’t just a building, it’s your family. If my house burnt down but my whole family got out including my pets, I wouldn’t be sad because my family is my home. If I’m with them I’m happy. I am so grateful to have a house because some people just live on the streets and they must search for food that’s old and moldy. All people who live on the streets have is usually raggedy clothes and a backpack of some stuff. My favorite part of my home is my warm bed that I get to sleep in every night. A home is also a place where you can be comfortable and warm. It’s a place where you can be with your family. At my house I love playing board games and card games. I beg to play! When they finally give in its so fun. That is what a home means, and I am so grateful to have a home I hope nothing happens to my house.