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A Home to Love

A Home to Love

A home for me is a warm, cozy place,
A place to stay, a place where there is breathing space.
A home is to live in, as a car is to drive.
A home is a place where you can survive.

My first home was in the Philippine mountains.
All the way in Baguio City,
Where memories were created, some clear, some dizzy.

I think that houses are a source of childhood,
so if people didn’t have one,
their childhood would be like deadwood.

Homes are something you need,
so please donate your time and money so we can succeed,
Making houses for the poor to sleep in,
so the cold winter wind won’t damage their skin.

We should all have a home, regardless of race or religion.
So please consider this decision.

Home, houses, apartments,
We live in different places, but we are all human.
So why are some people still in confusion?

It lingers around us, the guilt of a bad world.
So let’s take a little step of fixing this swirled world.
Maybe if we fix things little by little,
This world just might be a beautiful crystal.

A home is a place to love, laugh, and live.
A home is a place where childhoods roam.
A home is something that we all need.