Grade 5

British Columbia

A home to come to

A house is just 4 walls and a roof, a home is in your heart and and with the people you love. A home is shelter, love and family. A home can be on the side of the road or in a big house. Home can be whatever you make of it, if you think your glass is half full or half empty never think of it as half empty just think of it as half full. Your family is in your heart. Your home could be a country or a city. A home can be rebuilt. If you live on the streets with nothing, or in mansion with everything. So you should think of people that have nothing. So be grateful and think of the people that don’t have home and are living on the side of the street begging for money. So if you think a home and a house as the same thing well they’re not the same. First a house is just a big structure some people built but then when someone moves into it it’s now a home for people to be loved in.

The end