Grade 5

British Columbia

A Home To A House

A home means that I feel safe and happy whenever I am there. It also means that my family and friends are there with me. A home is really different than a house. A house is just a structure made of material and a building that I sleep, eat, play, and live in. A home isn’t just made of material, but made with care.
Some people can’t afford a house to take shelter on cold nights, to eat, to feel warm, and to play. A home isn’t a big fancy place to show off to your friends. It only needs to be a tiny little place to be special to you. A home means that I can be whatever I want, I can do whatever I want, and I can feel however I want. Home is a place where I can make my own choices, do hobbies, play games, eat, and more.
At home, I can make crafts, watch TV, draw, and play without anyone telling me to. A home is a place where I look forward to going every day. It is always warm and cozy and my family is always there. When I am at home, I am never alone. A home is where I am happy, I fit in, and I always feel loved by my family and friends.
Some kids and adults always feel depressed and they think they don’t fit in. For example, some kids get bullied at school or their parents are always mean to them and hurt them. Some adults don’t have enough money to pay for necessary needs for their family. In these situations, some people really need a home to comfort them and to feel less depressed. Everyone deserves a home where they can feel safe and happy.