Grade 5


A Home of Love

When I come home after a long day at school, I go see my mom and my pets too. Although some days I see my dad, my step mom, and my little sisters. I love them all. I love my pets too. I have three cats, one dog, one fish, and a snake too. It doesn’t need to be big or fancy as long as it’s filled with love. A home is more than four walls and a roof. A home is where memories live.

I’m very grateful for being in a house of love. But some people don’t have what we have. Sometimes I think, what if I didn’t have these things? Sadly, that’s the case for some people. Let’s stand beside them, not above them now. Now we stand beside. Not above. Tragically, we don’t do that often.

One last thing. Please do something nice for someone. Hug your mom or dad, or help around the house. The little things can make someone’s day.