Grade 5


A home means…

A home means…
A home is not physical items like a stove, dishwasher or table. It is much more than that.

A home is wherever your family is. You can be yourself it is somewhere, where you’re loved. You can bundle up and pass the time. It is a feeling of being alright and a place where you can snuggle tight. Where your family and friends will be. The home is not a sofa, chair or television. A home is where the heart is.
Where you can cry, laugh, be mad make mistakes and fix them too. We push and shove and do it with a lot of love. A place to sing, dance and be free is a true home. People that are part of your home don’t care what you look like, it’s you being there that matters.

Home is not a place
It’s a feeling. –unknown
-James Maggie Mclean