Grade 6


A home means

A home is a place with not just a front and back door,4 walls a home is a place for babies to take their first step or to say their first word.

A home with memories and laughter and cheer is a place where you know you are safe and happy a home will have tears and anger but that makes the home the home.

A home with pictures on the wall and marks on the ceiling home’s have family traditions and those stick there and objects in the house create its looks.

A home will have its ups and downs and sad and happy tears but that’s ok cause that all gets fixed those A’s on those report cards get the house going loud and cheerful.

Friends and Family are very important and everyone deserves a home that will make memories and laughter and will make everyone feel warm and cozy.

How you know a home is a home you will feel the love the happiness the sadness and all the emotions come your way everyone has trust in that home where you all roam.

Everyone needs a home sometimes not a house a home everyone has their treasures in their own home no matter what may happen everyone has your back no matter what decision.

Habitat provides that for you with more love than just choosing one they help you out and make your dreams all come true with habitat you can sleep knowing your safe and happy.

No matter who it is or where it is habitat provides you will all your needs so take this and I want to make the people who are needing a habitat I wanna be the one to know I gave someone that opportunity and with habitat that comes true.