Grade 6


A Home Means …

A Home Means…

If you searched the dictionary you would probably find that the word home means a place to live, but it is more than that. To me the meaning of home is safety. In a home you make memories and have fun. You have a room for privacy, but you are never alone, even if something goes wrong. Not every house is a home. In a home you love what is there, but you don’t always know it. You make memories and feel happy. You know you can belong there and just be yourself, never minding the differences between yourself and other people. You can feel secure and have a friend no matter who, human or animal. Everybody thinks you have to be happy all the time but that’s not true. Neither do you have to be around other people all the time to be happy. You can get mad at the people in your home sometimes but you can always forgive them. A home means love.