Grade 6

Prince Edward Island

A home like mine

This is home,
Puppies greeting me at the door,
Smells of my Mom’s apple pie,
Dad’s silly songs run through my ears,
I feel safe and secure and never alone.

My room is,
Comfort and warmth,
Doggies noses under covers,
Brother in room next door,
Drawings on walls and clothes on the floor.

This is my yard,
Animals eating at bird feeders,
Playing with family and friends,
Climbing in the tree house and having sleepovers,
Sitting by the fireplace while eating s’mores.

In my driveway,
I feel relief once I get back home,
The day is done and I’m safe, fed and warm,
Covered in blankets from head to toe,
The worries of the world just melt away.

Not everyone has a home,
It’s a special feeling to have food on the table,
A safe place to rest your head,
And I know not everyone has a home like mine,
I know I’m a lucky one so I must help those who aren’t.