Grade 5


A home is…

A home is a place where I feel joyful and safe.A place where you can feel love and to explain situations.You feel belonging and you learn.You can be alone or with your family.Also to think and reflect on good memories.

You can have a home anywhere.You might have more than one.You could have three,four or even five! What I mean is,is that if there’s a devorse look on the bright side.It’s a place where you can choose what to do.It’s a place where you are free!

A home isn’t just bricks and wood,glass and technology.A home is a place with a bed,light,food and fresh water.A home can be a place where you can laugh or make others laugh!

You can have rights at your home and a home You may not like some days of your life but there are more days shockingly awesome than days depressing.Don’t focus on the bad,there’s always a solution: you always have your family.

A home is a home as long as there is happiness because that is what makes a home and I hope you have a wonderful home.